Nourishing Locks Naturally: Herbal Hair Care Essentials

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An Indian Ayurvedic product like Purent believes in the purity of nature and that’s why it makes only natural and organic products for its customers. Ayurveda stays as the primary focus which is also an ancient Bhartiya Medical Science with miraculous properties. Our brand delivers excellent quality hair care products by using the knowledge of Ayurveda. We have advanced technology and machinery to make effective usage. Moreover, our products are plant-based and mostly in the form of herbal extracts of top-notch integrity.

Healthy, shiny, natural, and strong hair is desired by many. We specialize in hair care which is an essential part of our daily day routine. Good hair growth is not possible without decent hair products. Our brand helps those looking for nice hair products and who care about their hair. The pure and natural ingredients give necessary nourishment to hair. With all-natural hair care, hair will be stronger as well as shinier.



We feel proud to be part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Purenet is an Indian Ayurvedic brand.



All the products are formulated as suggested by Ayurveda. Due to that our products are filled with the goodness of healthy herbs.


100% VEGAN

No use of animal products or animal derived ingredients. You won't find any animal-based ingredients as well.


Manufacturing Processes

As s techno-savvy, our products are being produced using modern machinery and technologies. Special care has been taken in defining the manufacturing processes to maintain The Purity of Nature. At the end of production processes, we are not releasing any hazardous wastage in the environment. We have a well-designed packing process to prevent leakage and breakage.



Our dedicated team makes sure the quality of raw materials, quality of in-process stages, quality of final products, and quality of packing. We are committed to supplying the products having the sound of the word “Quality” in real meaning. Our list of ingredients on products is having meant it. We also assure about packed products for safe storage and dispatch.


Vission & Mission

Purent is started with the vision of providing Pure & Natural products as a result of knowledge passed on by our ancestors about “Ancient Indian Medical Science” which is also well-known as Ayurveda. Supply of Chemical-free Products in all the categories of Personal Care & Health Care in an ethical way.

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You are at the right place if you are looking for Herbal and Chemical Free Products. We have products like:

Elevate your hair care routine with our premium herbal hair care products. Crafted from nature's finest ingredients, our formulations are designed to nourish, strengthen, and enhance the natural beauty of your locks
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