Hair oil that keeps your hair healthier and shinier. A purent herbal oil that pushes the hair follicles to the brink of perpetual hair strength. We introduce The Purity of Nature Reveal the secret of Nature. Nature care with Scientific Innovation. Shop now Naturally derived hair oil that improves hair growth. A purent herbal oil that pushes the hair follicles to the brink of perpetual hair strength. We introduce 100% Natural Products 100% Pure and More safe because it's Natural shop now
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PURENT means “The Purity of Nature”. Purent is an Indian Ayurvedic brand that offers premium quality, plant-based, natural & organic hair care products. We are using high-quality herbal extracts. Manufacturing of our products is based on more than 5000 years old Bharatiya Medical Science – Ayurveda.

PURENT products are end-result of the processing of standardized botanical extracts and their derivatives. Our products are Natural and are based on knowledge passed on from our Bharatiya ancestors. Our products are the transformation of this information with the help of advanced technology.

Our products are related to the health & beauty of hair. Looking at the importance of the hair, the health of the hair is very important. Long-lasting Long Hair is the result of perfect hair growth. Our Ayurvedic Natural hair care products derived from natural pure herbal act as natural hair food and maintain the health of the hair. Our products are also useful to increase Hair Shine & Hair Strength. We are committed to providing natural products for hair care.

Ayurveda – The Science of Life. Ayurveda inspires our range of products and is adapted to the modern-day environment. It is formulated consciously using the best ingredients nature offers. It’s the optimal combination of traditions and accurate formulation with a healthy dose of love and care.

PURENT Hair Care reduce hair fall, prevent hair loss, is effective on white hair, remove hair                                                                          dandruff, repair hair split, regrow in hair alopecia

Looking at current lifestyle, environment and use of chemical or harmful ingredients based products affecting hair health. Common hair problems are like hair fall, hair loss, premature graying hair, dandruff, split ends, alopecia, dryness, frizzy hair, hair damages etc.

PURENT products are helpful to deal with all such hair problems and help to keep hair healthy. PURENT products are Ayurvedic, Natural, Pure and Herbal without any side effects. PURENT products are suitable for all types of hair and all types of genders. We have a product range to deal with most of the hair problems and give healthy hair.

Our 2 products – Purent Protein Hair Oil & Purent Hair Revitalizing Shampoo are solutions for most common hair problems.

Why Should you get Purent?


We feel proud to be part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Purenet is an Indian Ayurvedic brand.



All the products are formulated as suggested by Ayurveda. Due to that our products are filled with the goodness of healthy herbs.



No use of any harmful chemical. No toxin is included in the products and that's why you don't
have to worry about hair health.


100% VEGAN

No use of animal products or animal derived ingredients. You won't find any animal-based ingredients as well.



  • Natural Plant Extract

  • Natural Fruit Extract

  • Natural Essential Oil

  • Natural Fragrance

  • Purified Water

We are using natural ingredients derived through natural processes in our products.

Purent Hair Care products reduce hair fall, help in hair growth and give long hair
Our product helps you to reduce hair fall and help in hair growth

Return Gifts to Nature


We are very much aware that herbs we are using in our Purent brand products are part of nature and nature is giving us all these without any type of expectation.

Being a human, our most of activities are to take from nature and to degrade the environment.

As a part of social responsibility and Instead of taking only from nature, we have initiated the concept of Return Gifts to Nature.

To give “return gifts to nature”, we are committed to contribute in tree plantation project from product sold successfully through various platforms.


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