Atmanirbhar project

You will become happy if you find any source to earn extra money. This is not a new concept. People doing part-time work is one of the sources to earn extra money. Nowadays, there are lots of sources to earn extra money. Such extra income reduces your dependency on a particular source of income and makes you financially independent. Our Indian government is also promoting such financial independence of the individual under the Atmanirbhar project.

Online marketing is one of the most growing fields, and it gives the opportunity of online earning.  The invention of Smartphones and the easy availability of the internet have increased the growth of this field drastically. This is the field where if you succeed, then you can have your own startup business.

Have you ever noticed that you recommend many things (it may be a product, service, place, song, movie, the person it may be anything) to another person during your routine life?

Whenever this type of recommendation goes viral, respective things become famous. Your recommendation makes a huge difference in the end in such cases. As a regular practice, you never get any reward, benefit, or recognition from the beneficiary. But now, you can earn benefits from this simple practice and you can earn money online by promoting products. And this is not just like a part-time job; it’s growing rapidly as an independent digital marketing industry.

There are many companies who pay you for their online promotion in your networks like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, blogs, WhatsApp through a systematic approach and as per their terms & conditions


There are many ways to promote the products for online earnings. Let’s understand it with a simple example of an existing online earning opportunity. There is a brand Purent for Natural, Ayurvedic, herbal products. They are paying you for the promotion and recommendation of their products. Please refer to the below steps to understand the system:

– First of all, you need to register on their website. You can click here to register yourself. It will be required to store your transaction details and to pay you accordingly.

– Now, you just need to share or forward their product link online. You can share on any platform like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, youtube, etc. You can also recommend personally the purchase of the product by sharing your experience with the product.

– If anyone purchases from the link forwarded by you, then on the successful closing of the sale, you will receive your payment.

This is one of the ways to become Atmanirbhar.

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