Ayurveda, an important aspect of life

The products derived from plants are called “Herbal Products. Though plants are part of nature, it is called Natural Products. And as formulas to derive these products are based on Ancient Bharatiya Medical Science – Ayurveda, these products are known as Ayurvedic Products also.

Nowadays, Ayurvedic products are being used in many sectors like Medicine, Health Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Teeth Care, Vitamins & Supplements, etc. Because of their origin (natural) best results and fewer side effects. Since ancient times, plants and their extraction have been used for medicine, healthcare, and body care

Ayurveda has a 5,000-year-old success story of all Ayurvedic products. Herbal products are more popular all over the world because of their best result-oriented, natural ingredients, and no side effects which are commonly observed in synthetic products. It can be in liquid, semi-liquid, solid, or powder form.


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    Natural Cosmetics means a product/substance derived from herbs that can be used for cleaning, improving, and grooming the human body parts like skin, hair, nail, teeth, etc.

    Ayurvedic Cosmetic products include Shampoo, Hair Oil, Makeup, perfume, deodorant, soap, skin cream, face cream, lotion, etc.


    Natural drugs mean products/substances which are derived from herbs and can be used to prevent illness, protect against defects, and repair damages.


    Herbal food means a product/substance derived from herbs that can be used as food or drink to maintain and improve the health of the body and/or its parts. Many herbs and Ayurvedic food products are also part of the routine meal like ginger, juice, tea, chili powder, etc.

Many Ayurvedic products belong to more than one product category. For example,

  • Purent Hair revitalizing shampoo cleans hair as a cosmetic product, and it also prevents hair loss and hair fall as a drug.

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