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(Do herbal care for hair) Hair on the head is the most important factor affecting the appearance of the individuals and it is one of the most outward characteristics no matter the gender. Hair can become your identity and you can be memorable because of hair. Hair gives confidence. Well-groomed hair shows that you care for yourself. Hair also acts as an insulator against heat and cold. So It is necessary to take hair care with herbal care.


In today’s life, we come through many stories about hair problems. No matter the gender, everyone wants to overcome such problems and wants healthy and good-looking hair. Below are listed 10 of our most observed hair problems:

  • Dendruff

    Dandruff Snatch the luster of every head,
    doing his own order over everyone’s head”

    Small pieces of dead skin in the hair are called Dandruff.

  • Hair Loss / Hair Fall

    ” complaining every day of falling hair
    Don’t have any rebellion against us, take care of us”

    Its reduction of the hair or Absence of the hair and also called baldness. The most commonplace Hair loss is the scalp.

  • Dry Hair

    Dry hair wants its right
    Give us accreditment to shine”

    It is related to hair moisture. If hair does not get enough moisture and retain enough moisture, it becomes dry and makes hair frizzy, and dull.

  • Split Hair

    “Broken hair also keeps the desire
    to save us and increase our respect.”

    It is the vertically splitting of hair shaft ends. It happens when the ends of hair become dry and brittle.

  • Oily / Greasy Hair

    Its results in essential oil products on the scalp. This essential oil is called sebum. Production of Sebum is natural and healthy but the excess deposit of such oil on the scalp results in oily and greasy hair.

    This is not any hair problem, but for well-groomed and well-managed hair, balancing this oil is important.

  • Frizzy Hair

    Frizzy hair does not align with surrounding hairs to create regular texture. Such hair stands up or curls independently and creates fuzzy or irregular textures.

  • Dull Hair

    It is the opposite status of shiny and reflective hair. Dull hair looks lifeless.

  • Heat Damaged Hair

    Its hair is damaged due to too much use of iron without any precaution.

  • Color Damaged Hair

    It’s hair damaged due to the use of too many chemical-based colors on hair.

  • Gray Hair

    White hair comes, without being called
    they take refuge, who can explain them?”

    It is the gray effect due to the mixed-up of white hair with the essential color of the surrounding hair.

  • Alopecia / Baldness

    Alopecia is a common autoimmune skin disease, causing hair loss on the scalp, face, and sometimes on other areas of the body.


“Touch of nature now
will be Supporter.”

You must have observed that the main root cause of most hair problems is the excessive use of chemical-based(Herbal care) products continuously.

Hair is an organic part of the body and it is having the same requirement as foods to our body. As healthy food can nourish the body well in the same way, the use of healthy products can nourish the hair well. Like, pure foods to the body, pure ingredients nourish the hair well with Herbal Care.

If you are facing any type of hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, split-ends, oily-greasy hair, frizzy hair, dull hair, damaged hair, gray hair, etc. then we have a natural solution for these problems and that is our Purent Hair Revitalizing shampoo  & Purent Protein Hair Oil.

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