Hair Loss

hair loss (alopecia)
hair loss
The exact remedy to reduce hair fall

Hair Loss

” The purity of Nature, Keeps your hair Healthier.”

Reasons for Hair Loss

1) Excessive Stress/ Hormonal Changes
2) medical reason, excess of vitamins or minerals
3) Diseases/Infection
4) Childbirth
5) Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia

How to prevent hair loss

1) Cover the hair with a dupatta

Everyone loves a long trip with their favorite person. When traveling on a bike or in an open vehicle, There are some things to keep in mind. along with the fun, there are no hair problems

So that the environment does not strip the natural element of your hair, And the hair does not become rough and dry even when exposed to the wind. The wind blows at the speedy is very dangerous for the hair. Protect the hair from direct wind blows.

It is very important to protect the hair from direct sunlight. Poison UV, IVY Oak, Sumac are direct toxic rays emanating from the sun. That damages the skin as well as the hair. Also, cover the hair and the skin when exposed to direct sunlight.

2) Protein deficiency in the body

The body needs all the nutrients to keep it fresh.
Protein is one of the two main categories of food.

i) Protein


(2) micronutrient

There is a total of seven types of nutrients and micronutrients.

macronutrients: Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water

micronutrients: Vitamins, fiber, and minerals

Protein works to build new cells in the body and repair old cells. Protein is needed for cells to grow and sick cells to heal faster. Protein revitalizes the cells on the scalp and removes dead cells so that the complaint of hair loss is eliminated.

New hair seems to grow again. Lack of protein in the hair causes many problems. Protein is essential for the best health of our body and hair.

Purent Protein Hair Oil is full of protein that eliminates deficiency of protein And makes hair nourishing. Purent Protein Hair Oil contains all 21 pure herbal herbs that provide enough protein to the hair follicles to prevent hair fall and regrow new hair.

ii) Iron

Iron is just as important as protein in our diet.
There are two types of iron. Ham iron and non-ham iron.

We get ham iron in the meat, poultry, seafood, and fish, that comes from the animal protein in our diet.

We get non-ham iron in plant-based foods such as cereals, legumes, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.


Our body needs only a small amount of minerals. Excessive amounts of minerals also harm the body.

Hair Fall

Stop falling hair with purent herbal hair oil.
The exact remedy to reduce hair fall

Hair Fall

” Hair is a nature’s Gift, Purent Hair oil protects It.”

There are many causes of hair fall.

1) Mental stress
2) Lack of nutritious food
3) Insufficient sleep
4) Excessive use of chemical products
5) Imbalance of PH level
6) By tying the hair tight

What is the PH level?

Hair pH scales range from zero to 14. Zero to six are on the acidic side, seven are neutral, and eight to fourteen are alkaline. Hair should always be washed with mild shampoo and not too salty water.

Purent Protein Hair Oil balances the pH level of the scalp. And softens the scalp, protects against falling hair and allows new hair to grow from the roots.

When we go through extreme stress, we put ourselves in danger. Stress disturbs our physical health. We get stressed about a lot of things like our work, family responsibilities, inflation, and financial budget worries. When we feel stressed, our body’s nervous system becomes active that causing anger in our mind.

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