White hair at an early age?
Reduce dignity white hair

White Hair/Gray Hair

“Early hair becomes white So be careful soon alert
Embrace nature Purity Today Otherwise will regret it in later life.”

A candid question from a fifteen-year-old girl why do I have white hair? In just fifteen years?

So, let’s find out that what’s the reason behind It?

Healthy hair is a sign of happiness and joyful life. White hair can appear at any age. The human scalp has millions of hair follicles that affect the skin. Follicles work to decide the color of hair.

Over time, the pigment cells in the hair color are lost, resulting in the whitening of the hair color. The color of human hair is due to pigment-producing cells produced by melanocytes. There are two types of melanin in human hair follicles:

1) eumelanin follicles   2) pheomelanin follicles

Hair color turns white as the number of melanin is less in the hair follicles. The pH and cysteine ​​levels of melanin affected the hair type. Though both the skin and the scalp are sensitive areas, there are differences between skin and hair scalp.

Which Causes for White Hair?

White hair comes, without being called, they take refuge, who can explain them?


Anxiety is not a major illness, but it does lead to major illnesses. Anxiety is the main cause of premature graying of hair. Constant stress causes the amount of melanin in the hair follicles to decrease which makes the hair color appear white.

Vitamin Deficiency

Premature gray hair can be prevented if a variety of vitamins and proteins are included in the daily diet. Extra supplementary food can also be included in the diet for adequate protein or vitamins. It is also anti-aging along with anti-graying.

Pollution/Weather Conditions

Constant exposure to the sun or exposure to dust and fumes can also affect the surface of the hair. Constant sun rays also affect our hair. Which causes white hair to grow.

Pollutants in the air cause radical and oxidative stress. Which damages the melanin cells, and whitens the hair more quickly.

Chemical Hair Products

Haircare products such as shampoos and conditioners can prematurely white hair, Due to the presence of chemicals that reduce the amount of melanin.

Products containing such chemicals can quickly white the hair with hydrogen peroxide and bleach if used for a long time. Use only herbal products like Purent Herbal Hair Oil.

Medical Conditions

It is usually affected by medications taken during an illness or surgery. The thyroid gland also affects hair color. In the case of thyroid disorder, it causes hormonal imbalance and reduces the production of melanin in the body. Naturally, the hair turns brown.


Premature graying is also related to heredity. It is possible that if the mother or father has prematurely graying hair, then the hair of the child at an early age may also be gray.

People in certain countries may have white hair much earlier than people in other countries. White people may have white hair in their 20s, while Asians usually start having white in their 30s and 40s.


Not taking a healthy diet, processed foods, cold drinks, excessive salt or sugar in the diet all become premature gray hair. At the right time, with the right proportion of a balanced diet, premature graying hair can be prevented.

Proper nutrients from our daily diet can protect our health. And prevent premature graying hair on the scalp. We get all types of nutrition from a healthy diet.

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