Frizzy Hair

Purent Hair Oil improves frizzy hair, dry hair, and dull hair. Frizzy hair needs more improvement with herbal herbs.

Frizzy hair needs more care to make it naturally shine.

“If the clothes are broken, sew with a needle,
If health deteriorates, improve it with Pure Herb.”

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair looks like Coarse hair, Lifeless hair, Stinging hair, Dry hair, Hair without gloss, Hair without shine.

Everyone likes to keep their hair open when going to an occasion, a function, or a party. Frizzy hair looks lifeless when hair is open. The scattering seems to be a distraction that makes the color of the party or festival fade, and the fun of the occasion doesn’t come.

This type of hair stays nicely set when washed and then loses its natural shine as it dried. And the hair becomes coarse, dry, spreads, and widens over, and eventually, it becomes brittle and coarse hair.

Why such frizzy hair?

Hair loses its natural shine when excessively chemical-based products are used. The hair becomes sharp and coarse like a needle. Chemicals used in shampoos or fragrances are also damaged. All treatments used to straighten hair, tight hair hairstyles, chemical sprays used to set hairstyles, do not put oil in the hair, wash the hair without oil, constant sun exposure hair, use chlorinated water to wash the hair, saltwater washing hair all these reasons make hair frizzy.

It can be reduced by keeping certain things in mind. For example, lemon or yogurt is used in home remedies. This is because the lactic acid in it weakens the back of dandruff from the roots, and it gradually cleanses the scalp and balances the moisture inside the hair.

And the problem of dandruff is relieved. But, now there is no need to worry as pure protein hair oil has come for special care of the scalp. It Gives scalp natural nourishment and prevents dry skin.

Gently massaging the hair follicles with a gentle touch of Purent Protein Hair Oil also cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles.

How to treat frizzy hair?

  • Apply a little oil to the hair whenever it is slightly wet. Do not allow the hair to dry completely.
  • Never wash dry hair
  • Protect hair from direct sunlight
  • Cover the hair while traveling in an open vehicle
  • Protect hair from chlorinated water
  • Oil the hair from the roots to the ends
  • Sleep at night with your hair lightly tied
  • Trim the hair from time to time
  • Use only a cotton or silk pillow
broken hair

split ends hair

breakage hair

How to Tackle Split ends Hair?

“Nature blooms in the season of monsoon
The beauty of hair grows every season.”
What are hair split ends?

We have all probably gone through this experience to a lesser-plus extent. The beginning of split ends hair occurs slowly, they rarely appear, then all appear are together. Gradually such hair becomes brittle and then tangled.

Split ends are a stage of hair in which two or more parts of the hair are split also from the ends of the hair. At this stage, the length of the hair stops growing. Many times the hair stuck in the clothes stings like a needle.

The end of the hair is also a part of our beautiful hair. The ends of the hair are as important as the roots of the hair. The hair must be maintained from the ends also.

Splitting the hair from the ends means Stopping hair growth in the length of the hair as well as Stopping hair growth in the beauty of the hair. While no home remedy can cure it, there is no option without cutting it.

Then we think about getting rid from split ends hair.

Causes of split ends:

1) Excessive heat and pollution are direct exposure to hair.

This problem is caused by the intense heat of the hair whenever it comes in direct contact with the sun. Hair is damaged very quickly.

2) Excessive use of hair-styling products:

Straighteners, Curlers, and Chemical products such as Serums, Spray, and Dry Shampoo become split ends hair.

3) Irregular oil massage into hair

Even more important than shampoo and conditioner is massaging the scalp with natural oils. Massage with herbal oil for two hours before washing hair. Massage with herbal oil is most important for the healthiest hair. If you don't like oily hair, wash your hair with water in one hour but never wash dry hair. If possible, keep the oil in the scalp overnight.

4) Washed hair with more hot water

More hot water damages the hair follicles and makes the hair more brittle. Maintain the temperature of the scalp until this happens.

5) Not keep the hair tidy regularly

Always keep the hair free from dust and dirt. If excess dirt in the hair roots, the roots become weak and become hair fall problems. Haircare is most important in the summer season due to heat and sweat.

6) Chemical treatment

Chemical treatment of hair also causes split ends.

7) By tying the hair tightly in a towel

Wet hair will loosen and weaken if tied tightly in a towel. Never set wet hair until dry done.

8) Sleeping in a tight hairstyle

Sleeping with the same hairstyle due to fatigue increases the confusion related to hair.

9) Poor diet

Enthusiasm and energy to do any activity get from a proper diet. A poor diet is many diseases of the body. Man's ability to do the function and his ability to survive diseases is reduced.

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