“One should have a friendship with nature
Not his opponent,
Trees should be avoided to cut
Not to sow.”

When it comes to herbal products or natural products, the most important causes are animal rights or animal welfare.

Whenever you notice any brand or product associated with both words like Cruelty-Free and Vegan, it means it cares for the animal and is pure vegetarian. Now, let’s understand both in detail.

These two terms are being used on the label of many products and in marketing by many bands.

Both terms are used interchangeably, but you must know that both terms have different meanings. Let us try to understand it in detail.

What is Cruelty-Free?

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Word “Cruelty” indicates a process-related test of any product or its material (ingredients) on an animal to analyze the effect of that material or product on humans.

If any product claims cruelty-free, it means that the final products and their ingredients are not tested on an animal.

Animal lovers always prefer and promote the use of such products.

What is Vegan?

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Word “Vegan” indicates not containing and not using animal products.

If any product claims are vegan, then it means that animal products or animal-derived ingredients have not been used in the final product as well production processes.

Difference between Cruelty-Free & Vegan Products

Cruelty-Free is related to the process (testing on an animal) and Vegan is related to animal or animal-derived ingredients in the product.

If any product is cruelty-free, then it does not mean that it is a vegan product if any is a vegan product, then it does not mean that it is cruelty-free.

In simple terms, some products do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients but are being tested on an animal before releasing into the market.

Such products are Vegan Products but NOT free of Cruelty. And the same way, there are products. Which surely contain animal or animal-derived ingredients but are not tested on an animal. Purent Protein Hair Oil (products) are Cruelty-Free products but NOT Vegan Products.

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